Margaret’s publications relating to museums and heritage collections are grouped here under sub-headings that aim to assist navigation:

Practice Guides
Reports on major research projects
Conference proceedings
Articles about public programs in museums
Articles about heritage collections
Articles reporting on issues for the museum sector
Articles on management topics
Articles on educational topics


Practice Guides

Closed by COVID-19? A Practice Guide for managers of heritage collection that are closed at short notice because of an epidemic or pandemic (2020).

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Reports on major research projects

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Conference proceedings

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Articles about public programs in museums

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Articles about heritage collections

Birtley, M. 2019, ‘The Heidelberg Busy Bee Signature Quilt’, Textile Fibre Forum, no. 136, December 2019 (a 2-page feature article in the ‘Hidden Treasures’ series).

Birtley, M. 2019, ‘My GLAM: Margaret Birtley’s journey into quilt-making and community history’, Newsletter, Australian Society of Archivists Vic Branch, July 2019, pp. 2-3.

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Articles reporting on issues for the museum sector

Birtley, M. 2006, ‘National Standards for Museums and Galleries: a new Task Force and approach’, Museums Australia (Victoria): InSite, Sept-Oct 2006, p.13. (Subsequently reprinted in several other museum-related newsletters.)

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Articles on management topics

Birtley, M. 2009, interview (with three other ‘successful female executives’) on the topic: ‘Striving for Balance’. Published in IQ: The RMAA Quarterly, vol. 25, no. 4, November 2009, pp. 12-17.

Birtley, M. 2007, ‘Risky business: managing responsibilities & solutions’, Australian Registrars Committee: ARC Journal, vol. 54, Winter 2007, pp. 29-31.


Articles on educational topics

Birtley, M. 2004, ‘Eight keys to professional development’, Museums Australia (Victoria): InSite, September-October 2004, p. 14.

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