Closed by COVID-19?

Closed by COVID-19? A Practice Guide for managers of heritage collections that are closed at short notice because of an epidemic or pandemic was first published as Version 1.1 on 27 March 2020. The situation then was changing rapidly, as more became known about the COVID-19 coronavirus and as governments made decisions about lockdowns in response to the global pandemic.

Version 1.2 (in English), incorporating information and suggestions received from many Australian and international readers, was published on 29 April 2020 via these two Australian websites: Australian Institute for Conservation of Cultural Material and Blue Shield Australia.

The project was initiated by Mary Reid of the Heidelberg Historical Society Inc in Melbourne, Australia. Margaret Birtley (as a member of that Society) and Dr Veronica Bullock (of Significance International Pty Ltd) coordinated the development of the Practice Guide.

Translations have been made into Dutch, German, Portuguese and Spanish, as follows:

Click here to access a pdf of the Dutch translation of v1.2

Click here to access a pdf of the German translation of v1.2

Click here to access a pdf of the Portuguese translation of v1.1

Click here to access a pdf of the Spanish translation of v1.1

Margaret and Veronica are humbled by the generosity of professional colleagues they’ve worked with and/or met at past conferences and workshops and thank them for their thoughtful contributions to the COVID-19 Practice Guide.

For queries about the Practice Guide, or with suggestions for its further development and/or its wider translation, please email Margaret and Veronica at